Smoke switches for air-conditioning plants and facilities

Clean air

Reliable personal security in complex buildings with air-conditioning plants and facilities requires special solutions. To achieve this, ventilation ducts which allow quick distribution of perilous smoke must be monitored.

Hekatron offers different product versions of its LRS ventilation-duct smoke switch system, for example for monitoring ventilation ducts and control of air-conditioning plants and facilities or for activating fire and smoke protection flaps.Each day, the Koeln-Bonn Airport is used by countless passengers and the staff working on site. To ensure the safety of these people, the responsible parties rely on a comprehensive fire protection solution fromHekatron.Accordingly, the managers of Koeln-Bonn Airport consider it very important to protect the ventilation lines. That is why the supply and exit air openings of a total of 25 air-conditioning plants and facilities on the terrain of the airport are equipped with ventilation-duct smoke switches (LRS 01). In case of fire, the transmission of fire and smoke is efficiently prevented at these openings.

Ventilation-duct smoke switch system LRS

The Hekatron LRS ventilation-duct smoke switch system convince through its easy handling. Since they are mounted to the outside of the ventilation duct, the smoke switches can be tested and serviced without any tool and inspection flap. The transparent cover allows reading the status from outside easily and without any further activities. With its soiling compensation function, the alarm threshold tracking unit ensures a long service life for the switches.

LRS 01

  • Dual tube air flow principle with optimized flow (Venturi effect)
  • Measuring chamber monitoring
  • Alarm threshold tracking
  • Operation indicator for failure, soiling and alarm
  • Installation on any cross-section (angular or circular)
  • Maintenance without tools (clip lock on cover)


Additional product versions:

  • LRS 02
  • LRS 03