Smoke detectors for the housing industry

Sleeping soundly

The human sense of smell is inactive during sleep. If you are surprised by fire at night, it is already too late. In such a case, our smoke detectors can save your life. The regional building codes in Germany have also become more watchful. There are already six federal lands where the use of smoke detectors is mandatory by law.

The Hamburger Wohnen eG association relies on Hekatron's professional know-how and had one of the most renowned measurement service providers install the high-quality Hekatron smoke detectors in the apartments.

In case of fire, these smoke detectors alert the residents involved at an early point, so that the residents can get to safety in good time. In addition, these smoke alarms are protected from giving false alarms. Furthermore, the long battery life of up to ten years results in low maintenance costs. In this way, many residential buildings can be protected economically and safely.

Genius H - the intuitive smoke alarm

Genius H® - economic efficiency combined with revolutionary smoke alarm technology ensures extraordinary safety and utmost convenience.

100% reliability through real-alarm guarantee
False alarms are a thing of the past - Genius H® intuitively adjusts to its environment. Owing to the real-alarm guarantee, Genius H® is the first smoke alarm which ensures comprehensive safety even under varying ambient conditions or in case of operating errors.

The safest among its peers

Thanks to the interaction of latest smoke alarm technology, microcontroller and optimal device construction, Genius H® is the safest stand-alone smoke alarm among its peers.
Genius H® is developed and produced at Sulzburg, Hekatron's location, as are any other smoke alarms and components for smoke alarms from Hekatron. 
Hekatron gives a real-alarm guarantee and 10 years of warranty on the device.