Special solutions

At the right place

If special requirements have to be met, for example in the CHPs of a biogas plant, individual smoke switches are used. In case of fire, they cut off the energy supply to prevent a failure of the system and, thus, any possibly resulting economic loss.

In the field of investment goods (e.g. in wind turbines, dockside cranes, drilling platforms, etc.), fire protection and early smoke detection are particularly important from an economic point of view. That is why Schnell Zuendstrahlmotoren AG & Co. KG relies on the smoke switch technology designed by Hekatron.CHPs are equipped with smoke switches directly at the potential hazard source, or their safety system is connected to the control cabinet. In an emergency, the smoke switches ensure that the system is immediately turned off and the air-conditioning fans are shut down as well. In this manner, incipient fires can be stopped early to ensure reliable protection of the investment goods even in case of a fire.

ORS 142

  • Independent system which does not require any central station
  • Measuring chamber monitoring
  • Alarm threshold tracking
  • Operation indicator for failure, soiling and alarm
  • Maintenance without tools
  • DIBt approval
  • Smoke switch status indicator RZA 142 is a remote display unit which can be attached to the outside of or at a distance from the object.